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Swing DJ
Hall of Fame
"The Wetzel Award"
January 1st - 31st: Fundraising begins.
February 1st - 28th: Open nominations from All Swing DJ members.
March 1st - 20th: Voting by All Swing DJ members
March 21st: Presentation to Hall of Fame members for selection.

1. A Swing Dj Hall of Fame nominee must have a minimum of Ten (10) continuous years service to a swing dance community. The nominee does not have to be a member of the All Swing DJ group.

2. Must be nominated to the voting role by a member (in good standing) of the All Swing Dj Group. Upon confirmation that the nominee meets the criteria they are placed upon the ballot.

3. If a nominee had one vote or more the previous year, their name will remain upon the ballot for the current year.

The AllSwing_Dj group will vote upon all nominees presented by the announced deadline. Since two (2) awards are currently available for presentation, the members will vote for their two favorite candidates.

The top five candidates will be presented to the current HOF members to select two winners for induction into the Hall of Fame. The symbol of this honor is 'The Wetzel Award": a fully custom 24kt plated Shure 55 working microphone, laser engraved with the honoree's name and that of the Swing DJ Hall of Fame.
Each years set will have matching color screens.

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