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Being nominated to the ballot is a great honor for a swing styled DJ. This is an affirmation from their peers that they are regarded as one of the best in the business. These are the entertainers that have been producing quality mixes for ten or more years. As Kenny often said "Give it up folks, they're workin' for 'ya". This group truly has, many dance communities would not be as strong as they are today without the commitment of these DJ's to provide quality music to their local and national level dancers.

Honored Nominees  ( * was a finalist)

Chuck Beaston
Beth Bellamy ** HOF 2004
James Buchanan
Bob Budzynski ** HOF 2010
Tom Claypool
Ray Coker *** HOF 2008
Judy Collins * HOF 2003
Jeremy "J.C." Cook
Larry Edwards * HOF 2005
John Festa ** HOF 2004
Marc Fisher
Danny Gallichio
Mike Gallo *
Steve Giles
Linda Infante * HOF 2008
Warren Jenny
David Koppelman*
Johnny Maimone
Doug "Gator" Levitas *
Donnie McIntyre
Victor Loveira ****
Butch Metcalf
Dan Mezrich
Jesse Miner
Greg Parmerton * HOF 2006
Tom Polzin
Eddie Richardson
Terry Rippa **
Joe Robinson
Steve Salazar** HOF 2009
Patty Straight
Jack Smith *** HOF 2006
Ed TImberlake
John Tomeny
Phil Trau * HOF 2003
Clyde Waller
Sonny Watson ***** HOF2007
Terry West *** HOF 2007
Alan White ** HOF 2005
Owen Wimberly
Earl Yeomans *** HOF 2009

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