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Swing DJ
Hall of Fame
"The Wetzel Award"

The third partner in every dance is the DJ.
They are rarely seen, but are always heard.

Swing dancing has experienced dynamic growth in the past two decades, which has transformed it from primarily social dance roots to the industry that it is today. Often, people who are responsible for this rapid growth are lost in the shuffle. DJ/MC Kenny Wetzel was one of the key ingredients of swing dancing’s mercurial growth in the United States as the DJ and MC at most weekend events around the country before they grew in to the conventions we attend today. When Kenny passed away in 2000, the industry blinked and continued without a lasting memorial to its greatest showman. Kenny would have wanted the party to continue, and it still does.

The Swing DJ Hall of Fame is a lasting tribute to the individuals that have given up their time on the floor for time in the DJ booth to keep the party going.

Swing DJ Hall of Fame inductees shall have shown distinction in motivating swing styled dancers for ten continuous years of local and convention service, resulting in a portfolio of entertainment service with a far reaching and with a significant impact on swing styled dancing. Beyond mere enjoyment and meager pay, they have given of their time and talents to the local swing dancers, the general public and the national swing dance community. They are an inspiration to all of us.

The Swing DJ Hall of Fame was the idea of the AllSwing DJ group. A small band of swing DJ’s of various styles that joined together in 2000 to share information about the floor reactions to the music they were playing at events. Gerry Zonca and Greg Parmerton were instrumental in facilitating the production and presentation ceremonies at the Grand Nationals in 2003.

The group chose to name the award given to the inductees “The Wetzel Award”; after the DJ of DJ's the late Kenny Wetzel. Kenny was the voice and DJ of many conventions throughout the early years of Swing and continued till his passing in 2000. He brought many things to events: entertainment; showmanship; involvement and notoriety with the audience; and a level of dance floor awareness and excellence that all DJ's notice as exceptional.

For these abilities and his long time commitment to the swing dance community, we honor him with this award.

Thanks for the entertainment Kenny.

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