Greg Parmerton, NY
( Great South Bay, Long Island )

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 Top 20 Swing/Shag Songs from November 2012




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Dj G was spinnin' these this past month
1 Soul Distraction (+8%) Mama Groove
2 Nobody Loves You Like Me Leela James
3 Feet Back In The Door Arthur Adams
4 A Good Time With The Blues Phantom Blues Band
5 The Stumble/Hideaway Mike Merola and The City Boys Allstars
6 Let's Get Hammered (-8%) Johnny Bassett
7 Homebound Blues Again Al Wood & The Woodsmen
8 Old Time Rock And Roll Quintus McCormick
9 Never Been To Spain No Refund Band
10 Google Me Baby Debbie Davies
11 Happiest Day Of My Life Chris Watson
12 Ugly Man Blues Shaun Murphy
13 Play With Me (q:29) Mike Anderson
14 Bluesman Dave Widow And The Line Up
15 Miss You Dani Wilde
16 Well Dressed Man Rick L. Blues
17 Show Me A  Man Sunday Wilde
18 Fun On A Saturday Night (mt122bpm) The Blasters
19 Smile Willie Clayton
20 Ain't That Peculiar? Altered Five


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