u Can't Keep A Big MAn Down

Greg Parmerton, NYC
( Turtle Bay on Manhattan Island )

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 Top 20 Swing/Shag Songs from May 2012




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Dj G was spinnin' these this past month
1 Too Late Baby Darren Jay and the Delta Sounds
2 Lies, Lies, Lies Vernon Garrett
3 Something You Got John Oates
4 Love Comfort Zone Curtis Salgado
5 I'm Always Wrong (But It's Alright) Chris Simmons
6 Why Are People Like That Maria Muldaur
7 Self Control Elliott Yamin
8 Tank Full Of Blues Dion
09 High Etta Britt
10 Float Away (Stepper's Remix) Lamont Starr
11 Play With Me (q:29) Mike Anderson
12 Can't Get You Out Of My Head Swing 'n' roll
13 Love To Flirt Mud Morganfield
14 Finish What You Started Ghost Town Blues Band
15 A Good Time With The Blues Phantom Blues Band
16 Real Love Ryan Shaw
17 Old Time Rock And Roll Quintus McCormick
18 Thought I Knew You Janiva Magness
19 Wild About You Baby Eddie Taylor Jr.
20 Don't Ever Let Nobody Drag Your Spirit Down Heritage Blues Orchestra
21 Feelin' Single (HUSTLE/Stepper) R. Kelly

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