u Can't Keep A Big MAn Down

Greg Parmerton, NYC
( Turtle Bay on Manhattan Island )

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 Top 20 Swing/Shag Songs from January 2012




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Dj G was spinnin' these this past month
1 Congratulations Amy Hart
2 Going To Chicago The Juke Joints
3 Steady Love Maria Muldaur
4 Can't Get You Out Of My Head Swing 'n' roll
5 Tank Full Of Blues Dion
6 Write My Baby A Letter Eddie Kirkland
7 Slow Kisses Sandy Carroll
8 Hard Knocks Joe Cocker
9 Same Team Sena Ehrhardt
10 Rockin' Pnuemonia And The B.W.  Flu Tipitina  (on  iTunes  under Jazz)
11 I'm Your Maintenence Man Omar Cunningham
12 I Came Down With The Blues Sugar Ray & The Bluetones
13 Too Tired Etta James
14 Pocket Full Of Money Little Freddie King
15 I Gotta Have It The Revelations Feat. Tre Williams
16 Black Coffee And Cigarettes Mighty Mo Rodgers
17 I'm Gone Jimmy Thackery
18 I'm Always Wrong (But It's Alright) Chris Simmons
19 Route 66 Beantown Swing Orchestra
20 She's My Queen (2012 Remix) Ronnie Barnes

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