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 Top 20 Swing/Shag Songs from March 2010




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Dj G was spinnin' these this past month
1 Whole Lotta Shakin' Going On Laura B & The Moonlighters
2 You're Wrong For That Henry Oden
3 Long John Blues Renee Wilson
4 Soul Sermon Bill King
5 Down At The Honky Shack Debbie Davies
6 Pride And Joy Robert Jones
7 Temptation Alligator Nail
8 The Way I Want You John Gordon
9 Over Yonder Wall Bluesmasters & Mickey Thomas
10 The Hadacol Bounce Tommy Keys
11 When We Die We All Come Back As Music Jon Gindick
12 Easy Pickin' (Part II) Jackie Kelso
13 Goin' Downtown (-12%MT) Henry Gray
14 Dizzy Katlyn Swanson
15 You've Got Bad Intentions The Mannish Boys
16 Ou Exasperate Me Baby Steve "Big Man" Clayton
17 Drinkin' Liquor and Tellin' Lies Frankie McNeill and The Counts
18 Wild Women Don't Get The Blues Heather Luttrell


Everyday I Have The Blues
20 Too Tired The Mannish Boys


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Top 10 Mambo/Salsa Songs from Marzo 2010





Dj G was spinnin' these this past month


Adicto A Tu Piel Frankie Negron
2 Sofrito (Cha Remix) Dshon


I'll Be There David Cedeno
4 Mirame Victor Manuelle
5 Recuerdos Nabori


Contigo Me Siento Rulina Nueva
7 Colgando En Tus Manos Carlos Baute ft Maria Sanchez


Mucha Para Ti Cristina


Dime Lo Que Quieres Komboloko
10 Mi Munequito Hansel y Raul