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1 The Ironic Twist Jimmie Vaughan
2 Blue Monday Blues Big Joe Maher
3 Looking For My Baby Big Wheeler
4 Who is He? Ronnie Barnes
5 Too Close Next
(from John Fink, NYC)
6 Shakin' the Shack Big John Dickerson
(from Eric Remsen, Twin City Rebels)
7 Honky Tonk Song/Honky Tonk In Wise Hands
8 Too Much Drink
( not enough sleep)
Fantastic Shakers
9 My All (Morales remix) Mariah Carey (from Pam Mixon,Chicago)
10 Spontaneous Combustion Fishbelly Black

Bubblin' Under: (or stuff I thought was cool)

11 My Babe Kenny Neal
12 Stop Thinking Take (Start Thinking Give) Darrell Nulisch
13 Ain't That A Groove Billy Larkin
14 Skip Tracer (+4%) Four80East
(from Pam Mixon,Chicago)
15 Imagine This (+4%) DJMJ (from Pam Mixon,Chicago)
16 In the Mood to Party Groove and the Gang
17 Tight Skirts Floyd Dixon
18 The Peoples Choice Harold Ousley
19 If you want me to stay (+5%) Etta James
20 Keep It To Myself Ted Cash (from Pam Mixon,Chicago)

"Retro Swing" Hot Shots:
The "new" craze that's shaking the nation's youth into swinging again.
Just about any Up tempo Louis Jordan tune will work on this crowd of dancers.
Just drop in a slow one now and then (about every fifth song) to let the 'ol ticker return to a managable pace.
Many new bands are picking up on this money making group of dancers who come out in droves 500+.

The kids (and aging hipsters) are avoiding becoming their parents by becoming their grandparents
( I love that line). Anyway, here's a half dozen of the tunes I played at Midsummer Night Swing at Lincoln Center.


 Meet Me Uptown Mighty Blues Kings 171 Bpm  
 Night Life Boogie J Street Jumpers 174 Bpm  
 Saturday Night Fish Fry Eddie Harrison 177 Bpm  
You & Me & The Bottle Makes 3 Tonight (Baby) Big Bad Voodoo Daddy 230 Bpm  
 Rockin' At Midnight Honeydrippers 162 Bpm  
 Zoot Suit Riot Cherry Poppin' Daddies 182 Bpm  
 Medley: Swing It Ray Gelato and the Giants of Jive  209 Bpm  


Country Corner

Cha-Cha Things Change Dwight Yoakam
(92 Bpm)
(184 Bpm)
Road Tripper Steve Wariner
2-Step Burnin' the Roadhouse Down Steve Wariner
Cha-Cha Shine On Jeff Carson
 Polka Til I See You Again  Chris Cummings  

HOT Latin Picks:
Afro-Cuban All Stars

"A Toda Cuba le Gusta" album
Nonesuch 79476-2 (Call: 1-800-ASK TOWER)
Great choice for authentic Cuban style guaguanco Mambos and Guajira Cha-cha's*****

Sterns STCD 1082 (Call: 1-800-ASK TOWER)
Very Fast mambo/salsas with two great tunes "Demal" @ 137 Bpm & "Dacefo" @ 174 Bpm with great Clave****

Ballroom Pick:
Casa Musica presents
The Latin Masters (original artists) album
CM-CD 012
Contact Dance Trax 517-799-0348
this album has two "hard-to-find" Matt Bianco tracks (YES, Buddy Love +) and
the super rare Disco Circus' "Dig It" Cha-Cha (makes a GREAT WCS too!)


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